Computer Recycling

End of life IT Recyling

Retired IT Equipment Recyling

MacColl Media have speciality in IT asset disposal and recycling. We are fully accredited and offer our clients Industry leading standards and processes for all IT equipment.

From initial engagement with our clients we ensure complete data security and expertise for all WEEE material.Once the complete asset list has been verified from both parties a secure collection is scheduled. On the day of collection a security cleared and certified team of collection experts arrive in the appropriate vehicle for the amount of equipment to be collected. The vehicle is GPS tracked, locked and alarmed for absolute security.

Upon arrival the designated collection representative from our client is contacted to ensure correct collection and to ascertain any changes/additions required. From here the equipment is asset tagged individually and securely loaded into the vehicle. Two asset transfer sheets are signed and dated by both parties and also serves as transfer of risk for all Data sensitive assets. One copy is kept by the client and the other filed with the collection forms and details.

The team log the time of arrival and contact the logistics team with their ETA to our secure warehouse. The vehicle is tracked throughout the journey and upon arrival the security checked warehouse and processing technicians unload each item and check the assets off the asset list once more. Once unloaded into the warehouse the equipment is quarantined and always kept separate to any other equipment in the processing facility. Each item is cross referenced against the collection manifest once more and scanned into our dedicated ERP system for tracking and audit purposes.

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